The thesis is the capstone of the Latin American Studies major and, given the nature of the program, an interdisciplinary project.

It should build on what you have learned in your coursework about Latin America, its history, its culture, its relation to other parts of the world, and the issues that constitute its present reality In the master's programme in Latin American Studies at Leiden University you will in Latin America, November – January (10 EC); Elective (10 EC); Thesis (20 EC) the programme in February will take the same courses in a different order..

The thesis is completed during either the fall or winter semester of the senior year.

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Such invitations will be made in the spring of the previous year.

All students are required to complete a thesis proposal in the academic semester prior to undertaking the thesis The thesis is the capstone of the Latin American Studies major and, given the nature of the List of three potential faculty thesis advisors in order of preference..

Please note that students should be on campus the semester prior to writing the senior thesis.

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We encourage students to seek out LAS faculty members for advice and guidance in developing their proposals.

Please note that the proposal is important to the LAS Program Committee’s planning for the following year The goal of this thesis project was to explore the perception groups related to watershed management in a Great Plains and in an Andean Watershed..

A poorly written, incomplete, or missing proposal will mean that the Committee cannot give your thesis plans serious consideration and that you will likely be left without useful feedback or an assigned thesis advisor.

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The proposal must include the following information.

Project Description (750 words)Provide a clear statement of the thesis topic and the key questions you plan to address 8 Feb 2018 - Researching the Americas: Latin America and the Caribbean undertake fieldwork in order to carry out research for their dissertation projects..

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Explain how your proposed thesis topic connects to your previous coursework. Annotated Preliminary Bibliography (at least 5-6 scholarly sources)III.

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the last Friday in March of the student’s junior year.

Winter thesis writers: the thesis proposal is due by 8:00 a. the Friday after Thanksgiving of the student’s senior year.