The programme has the following objectives:to enable students to acquire academic knowledge, understanding and skills, and train them in the use of scientific methods in the field of Latin American Studies;to enable students to develop the following academic and professional skills: – independent academic reasoning and conduct, – the ability to analyse complex problems, – academic reporting;to prepare students for an academic career and further education;to prepare students for a career outside academia. ProgrammeAt the start of the programme, students choose in which discipline they want to specialize: Public Policies, Cultural Analysis or Language Variation and Bilingualism.

In the first semester students follow a theoretical seminar (10 EC) and a methodological seminar (10 EC). The Theoretical seminar introduces you to relevant debates within the choosen discipline.

The methodological seminar helps the student to discide on their thesis topic and prepare the research project. From mid November until the end of January students have time to travel to a choosen country within Latin America to conduct research (10 EC).

In the second semester students will choose one of the electives within the programme (10 EC). Students will also write their thesis (20 EC) based on the results of their research in Latin America.

Students who start in February follow the same programme but in a slightly different order.

In their first semester the follow the methodological seminar and choose one elective Guidelines for the M.A. in Latin American Studies - Thesis Option The capstone project can take the form either of a traditional scholarly thesis or a creative or .

Research will take place between May and the end of August. In their second semester they will follow the theoretical seminar and write the thesis.

Master’s thesis and requirement for graduationThe master’s programme is concluded with a master’s thesis containing the results of the individual research. It is evaluated by the supervisor and a second reader. Requirements for graduation are:Successful completion of a Research project (10 EC)Successful completion of MA Thesis (20 EC)Please note that you are also asked to fulfill certain administrative procedures, as can be found on the website of Latin American Studies.