Research Topic, Projected Value, Documentation StyleA. The research topic I have chosen is the Japanese-American internment in concentration camps during World War II.

I am currently taking a United States Historyclass with Nancy Zens, and a research paper is required for that class.

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I have chosen to write about the Japanese-American internment, which occurredin the 1940s, because it interests me 11 May 2018 - From the time immediately after World War II until the early 1990s, there was a that are applied in order to help protect the privacy of research .

In ninth grade I was in a humanities literature class and we read a work by a womanwho was in a concentration camp as a young girl in California.

I was ultimately shocked that the United Statescould do such a thing - Iwas also upset that in all of the nine years I had been in school I had heard NOTHING about it - as if it was on its way toremoval from United States history. So, I did a small research paper on the internment my junioryear in high school.

I feel it is very important for allAmericans to know about what our "free" country did and why itwas done. I think there is no reason at all to forget about this tremendous mistake our country made.

I am sure that there aremany people who have never heard about the Japanese-Americans'internment, and it is valuable and important to know about it andlearn from it. I hope to learn more about why and how a free country DID in fact imprisonpeople - and why it didso while trying to stop another country (Germany) from interning people in concentration camps(as well as for doing other things).

This topic is appropriate for Writing 123 because it is informative to me and my readers.

I have previously researched about this topic, but I would like to perform morein-depth, quality, college-level research and learn more about the complete situation. I feel that this will be achallenge and I will learn a wealth of information.

Also, thereis a wealth of information for and against the Japanese-Americaninternment. Therefore, I can do an in-depth research of the topic using many kinds of sources, and draw logicalconclusions as well as fulfill the requirements satisfactorilyfor this course.

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My topic's subject matter is history, and historical research papers are usually written withChicago-Humanities documentation system.

I have never used this system, and so I look forward to learning and applyingthis style Order now research proposal about the wonders of the world for cheap what are war of 1812 essay research proposal on organ donation in india order now .

Nancy Zens was not particular as to which system to use. The leading research Question that I propose to pursue is: "Was Japanese-American internment during World War II right? Ethical? Justifiable? Was it the correctsolution to the problem?"B.

My working hypothesis (I propose) is that the Japanese-American internment during World War II was a result of bad decisions based upon prejudices and was a majormistake for the United States - it accomplished nothing. Why did the internment happen?What drove the government to go that far?Why were Japanese-Americans the only ones interned? Why weren't other What led to their freedom from camps?Has the heavy discrimination stopped? If heavy discrimination against Japanese-Americans has stopped, when did it stop?Have the former prisoners been reimbursed, apologized to, etc.

for what happened to them?What were conditions like before, during, and after internment?Why have we as a country tried to hide or forget about what happened?B. How/where to find information: After looking in Infotrac 2000 and the library catalog, I have come up with some search terms.

They are as follows:Japanese-American internment during WW IIWar relocation centerWorld War II internmentPearl HarborKey answers/ideas gained on topic: I know that the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor led to a panic against all of the Japanese race -many thought Japanese-Americans were spies, and thus did nottrust them. The "only" solution was to put ALL Japanese-Americans in camps, considering everysingle person of the Japanese race a suspect.

There was not much research or inquiry pertaining to whether or notthey were truly spies, and they were not given a chance to speak up or try to prove their innocence. The types of primary sources that I plan on using are magazines, journals, books, and videos.

I have found some magazines and journals that give personal accounts of what theJapanese-American internment victims went through throughout the whole wartime era 4 Jan 2004 - Topic: Japanese-American Internment during World War II (Spring 1999) See also Research Proposal Directions & Evaluation Checklist through the interlibrary loan system and I have found more that I would like to order..

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" When I wrote my research paper in high school on this topic, Ifound some books that were written by those who were placed in the internment camps. One that Ispecifically remember was titled I Am an American.

I look forward to finding that book again, as it was veryhelpful. Also, Cora Agatucci has lent me a video that is titled Japanese Internment; A Family Gathering.

This tells of aJapanese-American family that lived in Hood River, Oregon, and how they were treated. Iplan on searching for other videos that give first-hand experiences. The secondary sources that I plan on consultingare newspapers, magazines, books, and perhaps videos.

While taking Library Skills 127 last term I learned that it ispossible to find and read newspaper issues from many years ago. I plan on consulting the library for newspaperarticles from that time period.

I am not sure if they would be considered secondary sources because they are authentic fromthat time period that the Japanese-Americans were being interned, but I know they will be helpful to me so I cansee what people were reading in the newspapers about the incidents at that time. I also plan on finding secondarysources in magazines.

I remember one magazine article from the research paper I did in high school that was very helpful. It was in a National Geographic magazine, and described numerous families'experiences.

The article also had many pictures of theconcentration camps which told stories in themselves 1 Jun 2002 - A Sample Humanities Research Proposal 2Stanley Cooperman, World War I and the American Novel (Baltimore: In order to examine..

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From the article'sdescription, I have found that it is full of photos of the camps. I know I will learn a lot from the pictures alone, because they are not interpreted or warped by anywriter, but they show exactly what it was like (a picture is worth a thousand words).

I have found that there are numerousbooks written about the Japanese-American internment during World War II. I plan on consulting books for themajority of the information that I need for reasons why such actions were taken against the Japanese-Americans as well asinformation on reimbursement/apologies for the internment.

I plan on using the skills that I learned in Library Skills 127 for research. In fact, I have already ordered a book through the interlibrary loan system and I have foundmore that I would like to order.

Both the COCC Library catalog and the whole library homepage are very helpful to mein leading me to sources. Finally, if possible, I would like to actually travel to Tule Lake, California, which is thesite of a former concentration camp during World War II.

The site has become a walk-through memorial for the internmentthat occurred. By traveling to Tule Lake, I hope to see first hand what the living quarters were like as well as howdesolate the camps were.

Overall, I am really looking forward to learning more about the Japanese-Americaninternment during World War II, and I know that having good sources is the key to success in doing so. SourcesNOTE: I realize that the variance of source types is limited here, but I plan on consulting many more source types later, as I have mentioned above. "AnselAdams and Civil Rights: An Uncensored Version of a 1944 ExhibitDocuments Life in a Japanese-American Internment Camp.

Farewell to Manzanar; a True Story of Japanese AmericanExperience During and After the World War II Internment.

(Book)"Life in aJapanese American Internment Camp.

(a) The research topic I have chosen for Writing 123 is focused on our mental health system, what services are provided in Bend, and what services are needed. The research question I wish to answer is: Homelessness among the chronically mentally ill is a community problem in Bend as well as elsewhere in the United States: As a community, how can we address this problem? I have chosen this topic partly as a result of my interest developed from my psychology professor last term.

She mentioned in class that there are some chronically mentally ill (schizophrenic) people who live in Juniper Park. Additionally, I recently viewed a program on 60 Minutes which profiled a community in Geel, Belgium, that has a unique way to care for the mentally ill in their community.

I was intrigued by the total community commitment and support of the mentally ill.

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I wanted to further investigate their system for caring for the mentally ill and see if their methods could be duplicated in other communities, such as in the United States Online pay to write order phd essay on lincoln order research proposal editing said they worried about an uncertain future and the threat of a new world war..

If some of the methods used in Geel, Belgium, could be used elsewhere, as in Bend, this might have significant implications for the services we can provide in Bend.

I feel as a community, we have a responsibility to care for those who are unable to care for themselves. I do not feel it is acceptable to have the chronically mentally ill living in our community parks or on the streets.

I think some of our social problems are just accepted as part of living in a community and perhaps they are not addressed as they should be. In my research, I discovered a model program that was started in Long Beach, California, as a result of the frustration and dissatisfaction of family members of mentally ill, as well as professionals and business people who had an interest in improving the mental health system.

As a result, the Village Integrated Service Agency in Long Beach, California, has received a growing amount of attention and commendation as a model mental health program. It incorporates a number of innovative approaches that may be valuable in effecting widespread system change.

(b) I believe this is a very appropriate topic for Writing 123. It fits in with the courses I have studied and presents a very real problem in Bend that can be addressed in a research topic.

Until I viewed the program that focused on Geel, Belgium, and their unique methods for providing for the mentally ill, I had not considered other community options for addressing the problem of homelessness of the mentally ill. It is a very effective method to view problems from other perspectives to arrive at real solutions that may be helpful and appropriate in our community in dealing with this social problem.

(c) I intend to use the American Psychological Association (APA) documentation system for this research topic. When I consulted our textbook regarding citation formats, I learned that “The APA form is a variant of the author-date system of citing sources, used in the field of psychology and often in other behavioral sciences” (Hubbuch, 2002).

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It is a problem that must be addressed as a community to have a working, caring system to provide for the mentally ill who are homeless.

This involves having a community home to provide for these homeless individuals, having a foster care system that supplements a community home and having people receiving these services3 This domain is established to example research proposal paper be used Order Research Paper Proposal and Get Guaranteed Academic Success. chosen is the Japanese-American internment in concentration camps during World War .

Assumptions In the US you see many homeless people. My psychology professor stated there are probably five or six schizophrenic people living in Juniper Park. Our mental health system fails to care for the chronically mentally ill.

Research Questions Is our mental health system adequate? What services are provided in Bend? Why are the chronically mentally ill homeless? What services are needed in Bend?Assumptions There is a different approach for the care of the mentally ill in Geel, Belgium. You never see a person sleeping on the street there.

They seem to have a successful way to care for the mentally ill. Research Questions How do the people in Geel, Belgium care for the mentally ill? What accounts for the success of their methods? Would this model be transferable to other places, i.

, cities in the United States? Bend? If not, why not?Assumptions The Village Integrated Service Agency in Long Beach, California, has received a growing amount of attention and commendation as a model mental health program.

It incorporates a number of innovative approaches that may be valuable in effecting widespread system change. Mark Ragins, who is involved with the Village Integrated Service Agency, visited Geel, Belgium, and observed their system of care for the mentally ill in his process of gaining a worldwide perspective of psychiatric rehabilitation.

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I have found useful journal articles relating to my topic, including an article in the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, Summer 2000, outlining and describing the Denver approach which combines “the best rehabilitation models and influences into one system of rehabilitation services.

” Additionally, I discovered information about The Village Integrated Service Agency in Long Beach, California, which incorporates a number of innovative approaches in care for the mentally ill. I asked the librarian at the COCC library for sources of information about services provided in Bend.

She directed me to the appropriate website and the new Deschutes County Mental Health office located at 2577 NE Courtney in Bend to obtain information on what services are currently available in Bend. I visited the new office in Bend and obtained a pamphlet of information describing the services currently provided.

Introduction to Psychiatric Rehabilitation and The Role of the Family in Psychiatric Rehabilitation, which I hope will offer some valuable insight into how the family and community can integrate care for the mentally ill. Additionally, I have ordered a transcript of the 60 Minutes program concerning the unique care the community of Geel, Belgium, provides for the mentally ill.

Viewing this program provided me with a new awareness and heightened interest to investigate this topic further.