QUESTION #1 :This week you reviewed and studies the social structure of the Iroquoian people.

Discuss the implications of these Indian people having a matriarchal society 7 May 2018 - Humanities, Language Studies, Journalism & Communication Com Homework Help (20) Special Ed (11) Native Americans still chose sides Allied on the web buy persuasive essay online to help you with native american .

Was this unique for its time? What does it say about this civilization compared to the American society (colonists) at that time? #2:After reading your text and reviewing the lecture notes please respond to the following questions. The People of the Southeast were the first to experience the official policy of the United States to remove them from their native lands to so called "Indian Territory" -Oklahoma and Kansas. Congress - an act of institutional racism? What do you think?What impact did such a policy have on these various People and their cultures? Should the Oklahoma Tribes today be compensated for this action? #3; Based on our discussions and lecture of the Plains Indian Culture and the rise of the horse culture respond to the following questions:Why do you think the Plains Indian Wars went on for over 40 years?Why did the US Government have such a difficult time with these Plains Indian tribes/nations? Has the US government violated its Treaties with these Plains Indian Nation as well as other nations? And why #4; After reviewing the various multimedia pictures and the readings and the lecture notes - go to the Archive (Plains - see Resource Web Sites to get to the Archive) and review the various pictures and artifacts - then respond to the following questions. Please comment on some of the differences and sameness you see among the tribes of the Plains in terms of their arts and crafts - that is, clothing, art work, tools, toys, and ceremonial dress? Hint: look at the designs of the quillwork and beadwork, drawings etc.

Think in terms of trading, contact with Anglo-Americans - symbolic meanings of designs - materials used - etc.

or, anything you note that really catches your eye The essay begins with the idea that after the Louisian Purchase made westward expansion inevitable, native Americans became increasingly vulnerable..

#5; Conduct a Web search of the Comanche people. The Comanche comprised some 16 tribes (bands) at the height of their civilization.

Why were they so feared by the USA and Mexico? How were they able to dominate such a large region? What are some of the characteristics of these Warriors? Do they deserve the label that George Catlin gave them as, "Lords of the SoutherenPlains?" #6: Most North American Indian Nations had "Warrior Societies. Find out what others say about "Warrior Societies.

" What was their purpose in the society? How might one become a "Warrior?" There is a difference between a soldier and a you know the difference? #7;Please respond to the following questions:Given the readings and lectures/chats what are your thoughts concerning American Indian spirituality? You may compare aspects of the spirituality to Anglo-American religions or other religions from other cultures They may take part in traditional Indian dances, or they may be Britney Spears fans, or both. And sometimes, they have to do their homework on the Internet..

What do you understand as the significant Cultural Values of the American Indian compared to Anglo-American Hint: pick out a few topics - this is a huge subject matter - but do some analysis and comparisons as well as your thoughts on the topic.