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Here are at least two items from each of the ten categories for you to choose from Results 1 - 52 of 242 - avatar. Make Social Studies Their Favorite Class Addresses major regions, rivers, bays, and Native American tribe locations. Subjects:..

I included which tribe and where the tribe is located for those that have one.

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If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me. The "why you think it was used" question is entirely your opinion, so I can't help with that part.

The assignment is for you to look at brands, icons, symbols, mascots, weapons, vehicles, state names, parks, place names and so on with Indian names or images and prepare a list of twenty (20) such names or images (example Jeep Cherokee), state the tribe and tribe location (if any) represented (example Oklahoma/Georgia), what the product or image or mascot is representing ( example Jeep Four Wheel Vehicle), and why you think that name/image was used (example Outdoors/ Strength?) 1 Sep 2015 - Get written explanations for tough American Indian Studies questions, including help with American indian studies homework assignment ..

, two mascots, two states, two weapons, two vehicles, two foods, two beverages, and so on.

Do not repeat a tribe or name in categories—if you use a name for a river you cannot use it for a city or in any other category 6 Feb 2018 - Search by era or subject - examples: Native Americans, American Indians, Hopi. Essays, maps, photos These books are available to check out and take home. From the Arctic Studies Center of the Smithsonian. American .

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states west of the mississppi - Iowa (Iowa people living there), Arkansas (a Quapaw tribe that the French encountered there; also means "Southern place" in Quapaw) 5- professional football team names\mascots - Washington Redskins, Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Indians, Kansas City Chiefs (no specific tribe for any of them)6- u.

cities west of the mississippi - Tucson, Arizona (from Pima O'odham (Arizona) word meaning "black base"), Topeka, Kansas (from Kansa (Kansas) word meaning "a good place to dig wild potatoes")7- u 7 May 2018 - Humanities, Language Studies, Journalism & Communication Com Homework Help (20) Special Ed (11) Native Americans still chose sides Allied on the web buy persuasive essay online to help you with native american .

rivers east of the mississippi - Choctawhatchee River, Alabama (Choctaw (Mississippi, Oklahoma) for "River of the Choctaw"), Chenanga River, New York (Oneida (New York, Wisconsin) for "Bull thistles") 8- california state parks - Yosemite National Park (Miwok for "those who kill), Ahjumawi Lava Springs State Park (commemorates the Achomawe; means "where the waters come together") (both California tribes)9- san diego county place names - San Diego County has a ton of Indian reservations.

Take your pick from here: https:// /nativeamerican/ (all California tribes)10- general words adopted from indians (i. kayak ) - moose (Eastern Abenaki (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont) for "he strips, cuts smooth"), raccoon (from Virginia Algonquin (Virginia) - "he scratches with his hands")Show allAbout the tutorMichael G. I graduated from the University of Chicago with honors in both majors and membership in Phi Beta Kappa (top 10% of my class).

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