Essay Writing GuideEssays are intended to develop, test and show your capacity for acquiring knowledge and understanding, and for presenting an argument on the basis of that knowledge and understanding. Writing essays should also make the subject more interesting to you and give you the chance to be creative.

Organising and expressing your thoughts on paper will not only give you a firmer grasp of the subject but will provide you with a skill which is invaluable throughout your life.

The following guidelines apply primarily to essays written as coursework, though the general principles apply also to essays written as part of examinations How to write a philosophy essay: what your examiners are looking for Faculty of Arts & Humanities can be found on the marking criteria for assessment page..

The most important thing is to answer the question.

Do not include material which is irrelevant to the question set or essay. In the case of web pages, cite the URL and the date accessed. Essay Writing. Good advice on essay writing can be found on the following sites:..

Read the question carefully and decide for yourself what it is asking: only when you have done so should you read as much as possible of the recommended reading.

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Make notes of the important points in your reading but, while you are doing so, keep the essay question in your mind at all times.

Do not copy out large sections from books into your notes: your task is to analyse, not regurgitate From writing teeny-weeny pieces of articles in junior school to innovative I'm think that the best online essay writing services are: 99papers and EssayBox. Geography; Geology; Health care; History; Humanities; Linguistics; Literature .

Read and take notes which are relevant, critical, and creative.

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This is an opportunity to be creative: your own thinking, even if limited and off-beam, will be recognised and rewarded. Under your general headings you should now write down specific details and add illustrations drawn from your research which support each of these.

You now have your structure and are ready to write the essay.

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Identify quotations from ancient works and refer to the key passages or artefacts which support the general statements you make.

It is especially worthwhile to bring together a number of sources for the point you are discussing and to compare their evidence and implications.

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If you fail to acknowledge the use you make of other people’s work, this is called plagiarism: it is an academic offence and will be punished (see the College Taught Handbook for details). Word limits are important, and failure to keep to them will be penalised (see the College Taught Handbook).

They help you to keep your essays focussed and to the point.

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Poor English can make a written argument difficult to follow, so it is important that, in your written work, you use English correctly, with due attention to spelling, grammar, and presentation 7 Mar 2017 - websites, it's easy to see just how much pressure students are under to get top Bryan Greetham recommends a digital update of his old-school “project Essays for sale: the booming online industry in writing academic work to order days (humanities student who did military history/classics mainly):..

If you have difficulty in any of these areas, there are a number of places to go for help:Booklets on English grammar and usage are kept in the Department Office which you can borrow.

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Web-sites are available with guidance on English and English expression.